Best Women’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Special Woman

The web is abuzz with preparations for the upcoming International Women’s Day. Symbolizing women’s identity, equality, dignity and empowerment, this day celebrates political, economic and social freedom for women. Considering the value of this day, we believe the gifts for the occasion should be very special. They should reflect the strength, power and beauty of womanhood.


Here are few ideas best suits the occasion.

Feminine Books


Feminist literature is a wonderful gift for such an occasion. Books about women empowerment, autobiography of the famous women across the globe and other such stuff are great for Women’s Day. One of the best choices in this category is ‘I Am Malala’. Based on the story of Nobel Peace prizewinner Malala Yusufzai, this book tells how the inner strength of a woman can help her survive even in the worst conditions. Other options include The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf and The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer. If your lady has a specific choice like fiction, drama or poetry, consider giving a book of her taste and interest.



Luxurious and lovely, jewelry has always been a wonderful gift for women. Along with the beauty, jewelry reflects the strength and financial stability. Precious and pristine, fine gemstones symbolize purity, love, commitment, power, passion and faith. Choose her birthstone or her favorite stone. A pendant or a pair of earrings are easy to find and doesn’t require any sizing. If you know her ring size, a solitaire or halo diamond ring will make a special gift for the day.



Movies are the reflection of real life. We easily connect us with movies in one or the other way. Why not celebrate the day with an inspirational and connecting film. Get DVDs of movies showcasing the stories of perfectly ordinary women or those who have emerged as a power icon in history. You can start with North Country, a reality based story of one of America’s earliest female miners. The film showcases her long battle and landmark victory against her employer.

Other movies include The Help, Ginger and Rosa, The Sapphires and Black Swan. All these and many other woman centric films are a thoughtful gift for International Women’s Day.

Healthy Recipes


She is always worried about your health, why not show her you are equally concerned about her. Check out some healthy recipes and try a few on Women’s Day for her. If you are doubtful about your cooking skills, giving a book of healthy recipes is another option.

Regular but Special

No gift would be more adorable then that made by you. Show her that she values more than anything in this world does. Her individuality is important to you. Write a letter to her explaining how you feel about her, or make a card for her. You can also take up some of her household responsibilities for a day and ask her to spend time in leisure. Prepare her favorite food, help her with laundry or go out for shopping with her. Even the smallest of things you do for her would create a difference.


These are few of the ideas for Women’s Day celebration with your special lady. Tell us which way you’d like to spend the day.

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