Floral Wedding Theme

We know that getting married is a big day for you and even the toughest and strongest people do feel nervous up to a certain extent. But, did you know that this excitement and nervousness is also a part of the wedding fun and these moments are cherished for life.

Besides this, the other thing that influences the total mood and ambiance of wedding is its theme. Different people have different tastes and hence choose various themes. One theme that never goes out of fashion and whose beauty never seems to fade away is floral wedding theme. It blends well with the new blossoming relation of two people. Let’s check where all we can use flowers in a wedding:

Wall: You can decorate whole wall with flowers and the fragrance will leave you and guests mesmerized.


Table: You can use flower vase to decorate the dinner/lunch tables.

Wedding table with flower decoration

Dress: Dresses of the bridesmaids can be floral in design and concept. This will add to the floral mood.

floral wedding dress

Jewelry: You can buy a floral designed wedding ring for her. In case, this doesn’t fit your idea; then she can wear floral concept earrings, pendant or may be a tiara.floral designed wedding ring

Cake: Your wedding cake can also have floral design on top of it. It will certainly grab the attention of the onlookers.
These are some of the most common and most popular ideas to incorporate floral theme in a wedding. Do you have more interesting ideas? Share them with us and we would love to hear from you.

Wedding floral Cake

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