Famous Wedding Dresses for Bridal Inspiration

Let’s confess, we are obsessed by celebrity styling. Whether it is a prom look, street styling or even a wedding look, we always look up at our favorite celebrities for inspiration. If you or a friend of yours is planning a wedding anytime soon, then our iconic celebrity brides can give you great styling tips. From unique or state-of-the art bridal dress to exceptional accessories, follow our iconic celebrities for a wedding look that the world always remembers. Here we have selected six bridal looks that are extravagant, elegant and iconic. Each of them is unique and completes different from others, thus offering you wide and varied dressing choices to pick or customize your favorite one.


Solange Knowles:


She ditched the traditionally style for her marriage with Alan Ferguson. Solange wore a white Stephane Rolland jumpsuit and then switched to Humberto Leon for Kenzo gown.

Jacqueline Kennedy


She was the style icon for every American woman. For her marriage with John F. Kennedy, Jackie wore a full-skirt dress by designer Ann Lowe, and included a full veil and little white gloves to complete her look.

Kate Moss


It is one of our favorite gowns and it was exhibited in the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2014 as a part of Wedding Dresses exhibition. Kate’s gown was a classic John Galliano dress that had the old chiffon thirties inspiration. It was a beautiful piece with fine detailing that created a Grecian Goddess look for Kate.

Lady Diana Spencer:


Her Elizabeth Emanuel creation includes puffed sleeves, frilled neckline and a 25-feet train that is still the longest train worn by a royalty. Her dress was made of six different fabrics that include tulle crinoline and silk taffeta. Do you know this ‘world’s most famous wedding gown’ was decorated with a diamond studded 18k gold horseshoe stitched at the back and a tiny blue bow was sewn into the waistband.

Queen Elizabeth II:


If Diana’s wedding gown train was the longest, Queen Elizabeth II made headlines with her custom-made highly significant bridal look. Her dress was made from ivory duchess satin and was decorated with thousands of pearls. Her 15-foot train was heavily embellished with flowers and her pearl and silver decorated shoes were custom made from same fabric as her gown. She chose her grandmother’s tiara and her mother’s silk veil.

Grace Kelly


If we ever have to choose a bridal dress, it would be an inspiration from Princess Grace. Like her name and personality, her wedding dress was nothing but an epitome of grace and beauty. The dress was a custom-made gift from MGM studio. It was designed by Helen Rose and was created with 25 yards of silk taffeta. Decorated with antique rose-point lace and pearls, the dress took three dozen seamstresses six weeks to complete it. Grace went against the customary royal tiaras and chose a Shakespearean Juliet cap along with a very feminine veil. The edge of her circular veil was decorated with lace motifs but a major part was left sheer to let the beauty of the iconic princess visible through it. Wedding dress of Grace Kelly is one of the most cited bridal gowns in fashion history.

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