World’s Most Famous Sapphires

The fascinating gemstone sapphire has ruled our hearts since times immemorial to us. This amazing gemstone is most loved in its cornflower blue hue, which happens to be the most popular as well. Not only the common people, but the celebrities have loved it thoroughly. Let us learn about some of the very popular sapphire gemstones of the world.

Oval Sapphire and Round Diamond Vintage Ring

1) Lady Diana’s Engagement ring:

Dianas Sapphire Engagement Ring

It was the talk of the world when this Royal lady chose a blue sapphire engagement ring, unlike the large diamond rings, which most of the other Royal ladies did at that time. Many people even commented about this unusual selection, but we can say that she could see the fashion ahead of time and it was well proven when her ring became very popular in the world. The halo ring had an oval shaped blue sapphire as the center stone surrounded by sparkling diamonds. The sapphire used was Ceylon sapphire weighing 12 carat and the diamonds surrounding it were 14 in number. The ring is set in 18 karat white gold. She was so fond of this ring that kept wearing it till her death, though she was divorced to Prince Charles. The story doesn’t end here. This ring came into limelight once again after a long time when Prince Williams (Lady Diana’s son) proposed to Kate with the same ring. The jewelry market witnessed a high demand for the similar looking rings and it can be said that this ring happens to be the most popular engagement rings of all times. Both Lady Diana and Kate wore a plain yellow gold wedding band with the ring.

2) Blue Giant of the Orient:


World’s largest faceted blue sapphire is known as ‘Blue giant of the orient’. It is interesting to know that this gem was out of the public reach for almost 100 years. No one could enjoy the pleasure of viewing it and hence, not much information is revealed about the gem. The most captivating thing about this gem is that it is beautiful cornflower blue in color and weighs 486.52 carats. The giant blue sapphire was discovered in Sri Lanka in the year 1907 and the very same year, it was sold to an anonymous American collector. It did not come in limelight, until it was displayed in Christie’s Magnificent Jewel’s auction catalog in the year 2004. To everyone’s surprise, it did not attract any bidders, though it was estimated that it will be sold for $1 million to $1.5 million. Soon after this auction, Christie’s sold this piece to a British buyer for $1 million. Since that day, this stone is again not heard of. The buyer was anonymous and hence the world has no information about the gem since it is sold to him. This Sri-Lankan blue sapphire was actually mined in the Ratnapura district of the country and a leading exporter, O.L.M Macan Marker & Co. purchased it and it weighed more than 600 carats at that time. It was after cutting it that it received its shape and weight that it has on today. We all look forward to the time when this gem will again be available, so that we may once again witness its beauty.

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