Why Sapphire Rings On Course To Topple Diamond Ones From Top

No doubts about those ladies are particular about their look and personality and we cannot deny the value of Rings heightening your entire appearance. Rings have become a part of our everyday wear right from simple to fancy designs. However, diamonds have long been the traditional stone choice for rings, but the beauty and the value of sapphires makes them captivating too. Sapphire rings have gained huge name and fame since Kate Middleton started wearing her sapphire engagement ring.

sapphire ring

But, the question is why more and more women across the globe leaning towards sapphire rings? We have elaborated top 5 reasons below:


A large number of ladies wear sapphires for their trend, as bestowed by celebrities (both Hollywood and Bollywood) at red carpet events, for example, Ariel Winter, Scarlett Johansson, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more. Do you know that Blue sapphire is the preferred by over 50% of people worldwide.


The origin of sapphire has a direct effect on its price. For example, a Ceylon sapphire demands a higher premium price in compared to a sapphire from Tanzania or Madagascan, because Ceylon is known to create larger and higher quality sapphires. Rare Blue Sapphire:



Diamond is the hardest (10 on Moh’s scale) celebrated gemstone and sapphire the next hardest on Moh’s scale (9). These gems belong to the mineral family corundum and sapphire jewelry, particularly rings is extremely popular due to their durability.


Sapphires have symbolized gravity, relationships, fidelity, and stability for ages. Also, this gem is ideal to express your deep love that you may not be able to express on your own.

Different Colors

Different Colors of sapphireAs most of the people relate sapphires with being a blue stone, but these jewels actually come in every color of the rainbow. Also, people associate various sapphire colors with different meanings and virtues.

For example, blue sapphire is symbolic of calm and harmony, yellow sapphires stand for wisdom while Pink sapphires symbolize love, whereas white sapphires represent care and kindness.


Sapphire is the September birthstone and represents the Zodiac sign of Taurus.

Sapphire rings believed to stand for prosperity as well as representing the sapphire ring that King Solomon (a king of Israel and a son of David) used to wear. Sapphire gemstones are said to bring compatibility and success.

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