Round Blue Sapphire Twist Ring

Simple yet stately this round sapphire twist ring is something to reckon with. The very fact that it is set with one of the most splendid stones ever is reason enough for you to be attracted to it. This is one gem that has always remained coveted due to its intense beauty and absolute allure through the centuries and even today it is one of the most popular and well loved stones to exist.

Blue Sapphire Twist Ring

Not only is it famed for its distinctive looks but also for the many qualities and attributes that accompany it. So when it is set in a ring where it commands absolute attention you cannot help but feel awe. The round shape of the stone pronounces its rich color in an eye catching way and in spite of bearing a stark and somber style this piece has both character and distinctiveness that sets it apart.

Another very attractive aspect of this piece is the play of metal and the twist it creates around the stone that gives it a whole new feel. The white gold and its wonderful twist helps in making this piece look truly unique. No matter where you choose to wear it and with what outfit, one thing is for sure this piece will never let you down and will always stand apart with its intrinsic charm.

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