Princess Diana’s Sapphire Engagement Ring

Recently I was reading an article on Princess Diana. Reading the article I realized that very few pieces of jewelry would have altered the fashion and trends in engagement rings the way her stunning sapphire engagement ring did.

Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring was a source of fascination and awe for most of the women. Her ring started a new trend in engagement rings, the trend of sapphire rings.

Sapphires that have long been known as the gems of loyalty and fidelity were never loved this much, as they were now especially in engagement rings.

Princess Diana’s Ring that was given to her by Prince Charles had a huge 18 carats sapphire at the center and it was surrounded by 14 small brilliant diamonds. A perfect combination of royalty and elegance.

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    October 30, 2010


    Never knew that it is like that. Live life and learn.