Nick Gordon Presents a Sapphire Ring to Bobbi Kristina: Are the Two Engaged!!!

They are now a controversial couple because Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon have lived as brother and sister with Whitney Houston but after her death the duo came out as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now we have news that Bobbi Kristina has been gifted a diamond and sapphire ring by her brother-turned-boyfriend Gordon.

Bobbi Kristina Brown & Nick Gordon With Diamond & Sapphire Ring

Recently Nick has shared a picture on his twitter account where 19-year-old Bobbi is seen wearing the giant sapphire gemstone ring with diamond accent. This immediately gave rise to rumors of an engagement. But the tweet had a caption that it is just a jewelry gift for the sweetest thing in the world. (In other words not the engagement ring)

Nick Gordon Has Shared a Picture on His Twitter Sapphire Gemstone ring

This tweet was followed by a reply by Bobbi saying that he is best boo ! And she loves him and she thanks him for this surprise gift that she really loves. It is worth mentioning here that this spectacular piece of jewelry bears a striking resemblance to the sapphire engagement ring of Princess Diana which not adorns the finger of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Nick Has Tweeted That the Ring Some People Outraged By This Couple

So, for the moment we can only have believe what Nick has tweeted that the ring was ‘a gift’. Some people are outraged by this couple as Nick was the Whitney’s unofficially adopted son, and she treated him like family up until her death.

Bobbi and Nick Mother Mansions, Jewelry, Cars Before Her Death

Both Bobbi and Nick are said to be sharing $1.2million Atlanta home of Whitney Houstons since her accidental death due to drowning. As soon as she turns 30 Bobbi will be inheriting everything that had belonged to her iconic mother – mansions, jewelry, cars, and besides her extraordinary fortune.

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