Jay Z gets a $500K blue sapphire ring

Having a new born in the family can be happiest moment for the couple. Recently there has been a trend of giving push gifts to the mothers. This piece of jewelry normally is a token of thanks for all the pains she has gone through during the baby birth.

Every now and then we may have the news of the celeb moms getting the push gifts. However, this piece of news will make all the new dads really happy. It is reported that Jay-Z was spotted sporting a pricey sapphire which was a token of thank you from Beyonce for being so supportive!

Jay-Z left new mom Beyonce at home with little Blue Ivy to attend the re-opening of his NYC club 40-40 on Jan. 18, and onlookers couldn’t help but notice the huge blue sapphire ring he was wearing. According to reports he said on the occasion that the $500K ring was a gift from Beyonce for being a wonderful daddy!

We all have seen how Jay-Z was by Beyonce’s side during her pregnancy and birth and can understand that this expensive gift says how grateful she is to get such an expensive gift!

All those who want to get the details of the ring it is blue in color, signifying the name of their baby ‘blue ivy’ and also the favorite color of Jay-Z’s.

Now everyone is looking forward to find out what Beyonce got as her push gift.

We wonder what Jay-Z got Beyonce for her push gift…


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