High End Sapphire Rings

The enigmatic sapphires have carved a place for themselves in the hearts of most jewelry lovers. There is something about sapphires that make them so very irresistible in any type of jewelry but it is sapphire rings that always stand out, especially the ones that make a statement with their prominent size and distinct design. These definitely constitute the high end variety of sapphire rings that are inexplicably beautiful, so much so that they qualify as prized heirlooms and are passed on from generation to the next.

Few discerning qualities that these high end sapphire rings possess are the exclusive color and clarity of the stones. The color of the sapphire may range from light or medium blue to dark blue depending entirely on one’s personal liking for a particular hue. A clear blue that is neither too light nor too dark is preferred in a high end sapphire ring.

Clarity is another important aspect in a high end sapphire ring. While most sapphires come in heavily included forms, there are a few rare varieties that are blemish free and hence highly sought after. These are the ones that are best suited for a high end sapphire ring which deserves to be nothing but the very best.

Size is yet another criterion that cannot be overruled. High end sapphire rings ought to be prominent and the size of the sapphire alone can meet this expectation. The stone used should be big enough to draw attention and make an impact.

A great way of adding allure to a high end sapphire ring is to use a generous measure of diamonds. The diamonds can be used either as side stones or as a rim circling the beautiful sapphire. This effect not only brings loads of shimmer but also gives dimension to the ring. Diamond encrusted shanks look equally lavish besides lending a breathtaking effect to the sapphire ring.

This variety of sapphire rings never ceases to make a statement. Whether worn at family weddings and special events or red carpets, they surely make heads turn and get noticeable attention. There is something innately intriguing and beautiful about high end sapphire rings that simply cannot be ignored.

High end sapphire rings are a timeless piece of jewelry that bring much pride to their owners. For each generation that gets to bask in its beauty, it is a rare and treasured family heirloom that is to be lovingly preserved and carefully handed over to the next generation.

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