Sapphire Infinity Knot Pendant

Since inception jewelry has been a great way to express the unsaid. Even to this date special symbols are used in jewelry to reflect the hidden emotions. Jewelry is also a great accessory to enhance a personality. The various styles and types of rings, earrings, pendants etc. show different types of personality.

Round Sapphire Knot Ring Round Sapphire and Diamond Vintage EarringsRound Sapphire and Diamond Studded Bail Pendant

A piece of jewelry can be spiritual like a cross pendant, exaggerating like a cocktail ring or a classic one like a pearl choker. This classification doesn’t mean that a piece of jewelry can’t reflect multiple states. For instance this round sapphire infinity knot pendant Blue pictures an array of expressions. It talks about harmony, balance, love, strength and much more.

Round Sapphire Cross PendantRound Sapphire and Diamond Cocktail Ring

The pendant is crafted in an infinity knot form holding a round sapphire. Each of the components of this pendant has its own meaning. And since all these components are interlinked, they express a variety of thoughts.

Round Sapphire Infinity Knot Pendant

The Infinity Mark:

This mathematical symbol represents the term ‘endless’. It is a graphical representation of energy flow. As an old Celtic symbol it characterizes the never-ending cycle of birth and re-birth. It also epitomizes renewal and immortality.

The Knot:

Interconnected with the infinity symbol, the knot stands for bonding. It reminds of the eternal nature of spirit.

The Sapphire:

Round Sapphire and Diamond Encrusted Bail Pendant

Expresses the beauty of heavens, blue sapphire in the pendant is a representation of strength, trust and love.

This Infinity Knot Sapphire Pendant is Right Choice For You

Together as a pendant all these make a simple classic yet chic piece of fashion jewelry. So even if you want to be simple yet sensual, this pendant is a right choice for you. Wear it every day or occasionally, it will talk about your fashion and feelings.

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