Round Sapphire Bezel-Set Pendant

The right kind of jewelry always makes an impact and if it is a piece that is set with one of the finest and most fabulous gemstones ever then you can be sure that it will be something worth indulging in. This one here is firstly a pendant so it basks on all the attention that is poured on it and it also flaunts the stunning sapphire that looks rich in its distinct beauty and color and the overall impact is something we cannot help but love.

Round Sapphire Pendant

Besides solitaire jewelry always looks stylish and optimum and that is reason enough for you to indulge in this charming round sapphire bezel set pendant. In spite of the simple and basic design of this piece it has an edge that you cannot ignore and every aspect of it complements the other making this piece looks fetching. Apart from the fact that it boasts the most sought after and gorgeous stones that too in a round shape that accentuates its fine color, the setting also is something that deserves mention.

Sapphire Bezel-Set Pendant

The bezel setting here with the metal sheet running all along the boundary of the stone gives it a unique look and appeal and of course it also provides security and curbs the stone from ever falling loose. With a style and allure of its own this is a piece that you will always enjoy wearing for it looks good with all kinds of outfits.

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