Pear Blue Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Pendant

Sometimes you are too awed looking at a thing that you simply are at a loss of words and that is exactly what is going to happen to you the moment you set eyes on this magnificent pear blue sapphire and diamond vintage pendant. The very fact that it is a pendant is reason enough for it to grab every bit of attention and adding to that is the beautiful and intricate design that looks absolutely splendid. Set with a prominent pear shaped blue sapphire the stone alone is an attention seeker due to its vivid color and immense allure.

Pear Blue Sapphire and Diamond Vintage PendantBlue Sapphire Stone Quality

The diamonds that surround the stone from all over add dimension as well as style to it not to mention the light and dazzle they throw upon it. The additional round diamonds right on top of the pear masterpiece looks dainty and extremely pretty. Trust me the lavish display of stones in this piece will keep you rooted to it. If you think it’s over well, we’re not yet done with the grandeur; for the bale once again flaunts more of these shimmering rocks that have a totally illuminating effect on this gorgeous piece.

  Pear Blue Sapphire and Diamond Vintage Pendant Pear Sapphire Pendant

One thing is for certain the sheer opulence of this pendant makes you feel so drawn to it that try as you may you cannot ignore its stunning beauty. You will now surely agree that with this single piece you can create an effect an impact like no other.

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