Oval sapphire diamond pendant

What do you look for in your jewelry? Firstly it should look pretty, the design should be something that draws attention, the choice of stones should complement the piece and it should be something that adds to your loveliness besides being suitable to wear at most occasions. Well, you have all of these things and more in this charming oval sapphire and diamond pendant that not only looks great but is also the perfect choice of jewelry that goes well with any outfit and is suitable for any event.

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

The most arresting and eye catching feature is the stunning oval shaped sapphire that is beautiful beyond words and you cannot help but gaze at its splendor. The brilliant diamonds forming a rim of dazzling delights all around the stone bring out the vivid color of the stone and accentuate the overall charm of the piece. Another fascinating fact is the presence of more shimmering diamonds on the bale.

In total this is one piece that will never stop to make heads turn and no matter what clothes you pair it with the overall impact will be something really impressive. The white gold setting also has its very own role to play and looks amazing with the stones in this particular piece. Although all neckpieces have an innate beauty of their own there are a few that make an impact and this one surely does.

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