Elizabeth Taylor’s love for Blue Sapphire

We all know that Elizabeth Taylor was a beautiful actress and she was known for her robust acting and her love for jewelry. She had a well developed jewelry wardrobe and the other actresses dreamt of having such jewelry which Taylor possessed.

Among her so many jewelry, it is easily visible that she had a special inclination towards “Sapphire” and “Emerald” gemstones. Her jewelry wardrobe features so many pieces of jewelry that were studded with these gemstones. Here, we will talk about her majestic blue sapphire necklace.Blue Sapphire Pendants  The stunning necklace is about 29 inches long and it features a big bold blue colored sapphire gem in the center of the pendant. This amazing rock weighs 52.72 carats and is from Burma. The fantastic necklace was gifted to her by Richard Burton on her 40th birthday.

This piece is so wonderful and elegant that the actress Jessica Chastain chose to wear this for the special 50th anniversary screening of Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic film “Cleopatra” at the Cannes film festival. The actress said she was a bit scared before wearing Taylor’s necklace as she was the first one to wear that after Elizabeth’s death. This necklace was sold for nearly $6 million at 2011 Christie’s auction of Taylor’s jewels.

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