Blue Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Blue Sapphire and Diamond V bale Pendant How can you possibly resist jewelry especially something that is pretty beyond measure and looks lovely with almost anything you wear. Besides when it flaunts a stone that you adore and one that looks splendid in every possible way, you simply cannot resist it. This charming sapphire and diamond v bale pendant is something that will fascinate you at the very first look.

This is one variety of jewelry that always scores over others due to the strategic positioning and in this case the beautiful round stone looks glorious and exhibits its fine color in the most attractive way. What is really eye catching and extremely attractive is the twinkling round diamond that is placed right above this colored beauty that lends an optimum amount of light on it and brings alive its stunning hue. The effect of both the stones together is something utterly beautiful and totally irresistible.

The v bale further adds a dollop of style to this already lovely piece and the total effect is something you will love. The white metal of course has its very own part to play which it does perfectly lending just the right amount of glow to both stones. The best thing about this piece is that you can team this with any outfit for it beautifully complements all kinds of clothes. In a nutshell it’s a perfect accessory that you can flaunt with almost anything.

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