A Pretty Pink Pendant of Hope

October is the month to promote breast cancer awareness among all beautiful females who can be the serious victims of this disease. This is the perfect time for women to celebrate their feminine elegance, charm and courage and support the cause. What can be lovelier than the shade ‘pink’ to uphold the emotions of a woman?

Pink is a pretty color that invokes warmth, physical tranquility, love, hope and trust. It gently soothes the heart of a cute little girl that always resides no matter how old she grows. We have thought of a charming way to show our dedication towards this social cause via a beautiful pink pendant of hope. This is indeed an innovative and dazzling symbol to respect and pray for the women who have been diagnosed with the disease.



Pink sapphires take a big stand against breast cancer. This neck charm is a very well-thought designer piece to let the world know the power of females on this earth. Let this enchanting bling rest on your neckline for the whole month, paying a tribute to the successful survivors who have faced the physical and emotional sufferings and finally triumphed over this deadly malady.

To honor the idea and purpose of breast cancer awareness, www.anagara.com gives you a special discount on this attractive pink ribbon knot pendant. Just lose not a moment and order for this precious, pleasing jewel and show a little extra love for all your female companions, whether known or unknown. You can give a sense of relaxation and be the strength of the sufferers.

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