Yellow Sapphires- A new trend in gemstones

Sapphires have been admired since ages for their vivid blue and pink hues. They are a popular choice for engagement rings as they are regarded as a symbol of loyalty. Sapphires are even associated with heavenly bodies, and are considered to spread piousness. You’ve always imagined and seen sapphires in deep blue and soft pink, but to your surprise, the recent trends showcase sapphires in a subtle yellow color. Yellow looks impeccable in sapphires and presents the perfect chic appearance.

Yellow sapphires twinkle from every corner and look magnificent as the center stone in the ring. They are naturally very hard and enduring. In fact, yellow sapphire ranks as the second hardest gemstone after diamond.  Moreover, a positive aspect buying a yellow sapphire is the less money investment. They are relatively low-prized, even in their purest form.

The sunny color of sapphire has gained prominence after it has been owned by the bold and beautiful Jenny McCarthy.  She has been the talk of the town after her recent engagement with the stylish American singer cum actor Donnie Wahlberg. He made Jenny feel very special by popping out the question with a colossal yellow sapphire sparkler. The ring has a line of scintillating diamonds around the yellow stunner and an arcade of brilliants on both sides of the metal. Jenny’s e-ring had really raised the demand of yellow sapphires in the jewelry market.

jenny yellow sapphire ring

So, if you’re shopping for your sweetheart, yellow sapphires can be a thoughtful and classic jewelry piece. It will make a special gift for her, which she will adore for her entire life.

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