Top 10 Ideas for Christmas Cards


Christmas is all set to bring along the good tidings of comfort and joy! While we are all excited about what this Christmas has in store for us, we are also getting prepared to share our happiness with our loved ones. The easiest yet most effective way to let our close ones feel happy and loved is to express our goodwill towards them via a Christmas card!


So, this Christmas we have decided to list few Christmas card ideas which would require comparatively less efforts but will deliver your message in an amazingly enchanting manner!

1. Adorable potato stamp snowmen cards


Required: Sliced Potato, water colors
How: Adorable Potato Stamp Snowmen Cards
Why: Designing it cannot go wrong, unless you intend to!

2. Cute torn-paper Santasenhanced-18925-1417631143-8
Required: Red paper, White water color paper , pink or flesh tone paper, black marker pen, a pink crayon, Glue
How: Cute torn-paper Santas
Why: The only skill required remains the skill of tearing paper in the required way.

3. Glitter Tape Cards

glittercards 4

Required: Glitter tapes, blank cards
How: Glitter Tape Cards
Why: A little glitter is always a good idea!

4. Washi tape tree cardsWashi-Tape-Christmas-Tree-Cards
Required: Christmas Washi Tape, Blank cards
How: Washi tape tree cards
Why: It’s not at all time confusing and absolute fun.

5. Free Printable CardsChristmas-Cards-2013-10-of-14
Required: Card, Picture to print, Envelop
How: Free Printable Cards
Why: It’s chic!

6. Paint Chip Christmas Tree CardsTop 10 ideas for Christmas cards
Required: Paint chips, glue, plain white stationary and a pair of scissors
How: Paint Chip Christmas Trees
Why: These are simply elegant.

7. Torn-Paper Christmas Tree Cardstop 10 Christmas Ideas
Required: Any photocopied page of a Christmas story
How: Torn-Paper Christmas Trees
Why: It’s easy to craft.

8. Stylish Ribbon Tree Cards
Required: Ribbon, Wooden/Plastic Sticks
How: Stylish Ribbon Tree Cards
Why: It’s super stylish and doesn’t require much efforts.

9. Adorable Paper Trees Cardsenhanced-3005-1416929662-2
Required: Printed paper, pair of scissors, glue
How: Adorable Paper Trees Cards
Why: It involves a little trick but the outcome looks amazing.

10. Creative Christmas cardsfinger-print-christmas-light-craft

Required: Washable paints, Blank cards, black sketch pen
How: Creative Christmas cards
Why: It’s pure fun!

These are few ideas to create some brilliant Christmas cards. Flaunt your crafting skills this Christmas and cherish the sweetness of your bond with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays!

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