The Delightful Colors of Sapphire

The birthstone of the month of September, sapphire has its fans and lovers spread across the globe. This popular gemstone is said to give the most beautiful blue hue to the gemstone kingdom, though it is available in other colors as well. The pink, yellow, orange, green, orange-pink are some of the most sought after colors after the blue hue.

Colorful Sapphire Gemstone

These colored sapphires, popularly known as the fancy sapphires are extensively used in the jewelry industry and are in latest demand these days. Let us check out the beautiful colors of this stone and the attractive beauty that comes out when they are studded to our jewelry.

1) Blue Sapphire:

It will not be wrong to say that it is the color that is most abundantly used in the jewelry. It is available in many tints and shades and the cornflower blue happens to be the most loved color. The jewelry looks amazing when it has this sapphire studded in it. The combination of blue sapphire with the diamonds brings out the lovely charm.

2) Pink Sapphire:

The soft and romantic color of the roses is available in the sapphire gemstone as well. This glorifying color brings a touch of romance to the jewelry and people love it to be studded to their engagement rings and/or wedding rings, which carry special meaning to them.

3) Yellow Sapphire:

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The refreshing yellow hue reminds of a fun filled sunny day. When this gets to be studded to our favorite ring, pendant or earrings, we find it way too tempted to wear those pieces of jewelry every now and then. If you love the colors, you can ponder over adding various colored sapphires to a single piece of jewelry, this way it will be an interesting option.

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