Stunning Sapphire Blings for September-Born

If you are September-born and love contemporary designs, you are the lucky one to have some modern and exquisite blue jewelry this year. These contemporary jewels include clarity and fineness in designing and sophistication in the way the blue stones are fashioned. Those born in the month of September are already fortunate to be associated with the divinity that the blue color of the stone express.

On top of it, this birthstone is believed to guard off its wearer from evil thoughts, black magic, skin diseases, and other negative elements in the environment. Just imagine how stimulating would it be if all this goodness is accrued in a trendy and dazzling piece of bling. It can be even beneficial for non-September-born as they can give it as a gift to their friends and relatives. Here are a few dapper chunks comprising this royal stone of wisdom.

Curvy blue
The title itself conveys a sense of fashion twist in the jewelry piece. A round heavenly blue stone, when held by a curved metal shank, appears urbane yet classy. This is a fantastic ring piece for your engagement and if already engaged or married, you can trickily get it as a gift from your husband on your upcoming birthday or anniversary.

The Infinity Knot
I wonder if you have ever witnessed a design of chain pendant like this. A very elegant and modern blend of blue and whites is displayed through this piece. A man can express his deepest emotions by putting this beguiling charmer on the neckline of his ladylove. It forms an infinite sequence of sapphire and diamonds portraying the unbroken love between couples.


Dangling Pears
Pear-cut is a very popular jewelry shape among the young girls, especially when they gracefully hang from their earlobes. A pear-shaped sapphire, clinched by a lovely pattern of four white diamonds, gives a perfect boho look to a lady. This pair of drop earrings has just the right size to be donned on any occasion and at any place, even with formal attire at your workplace.

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