Sapphire exhibits Splendid Glamour

Oval Sapphire and Diamond Floral Border PendantSapphire is the most beautiful and loveliest of all gemstones. The word “Sapphire” comes from the Greek word for blue, “sappheiros” and this gemstone provides the most beautiful blues of the gem kingdom.

Sapphire gemstones come in many colors including pink, yellow, orange, green, black, purple, violet, light blue. The orange-pink sapphire is very rare and is called as “Padparadcha”. This comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “lotus color”. The hues of sapphires are due to the presence of oxides in them. The greater the concentration of oxides, the deeper will be the color of the gemstone.

The sapphire gemstone belongs to the corundum group, the members of which have excellent hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. This is just next to the hardness of Diamonds. Sapphires are thought to bring peace, joy and wisdom to their owners and these mystical properties make them popular among the masses.

Cushion Sapphire and Round Diamond WOW Engagement RingThe ancient Persians called it as “Gem of Heaven” and believed that Sapphires were the chips from the pedestal which supported the earth, and this is due to this gemstone that the beautiful sky has got lovely colors.

Sapphires are mined from the countries like Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, and Pailin in Cambodia. Other sources of sapphire are Australia, Brazil, Kashmir, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Montana, USA.

These gemstones are widely used in jewelry and liked by people universally. Sapphire rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc. portray elegance and style. They look equally good in gold, silver and platinum metals.

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