Natural Sapphire Earrings

Earrings are an important part of any woman’s wardrobe. They make a woman look more beautiful, attractive and confident.

Your earrings are not just jewelry pieces to adorn the looks but they actually help in defining the personality and taste of the wearer. When you want to choose a perfect pair of earrings that suits your entire wardrobe and goes well for every occasion then you should look no further than sapphire earrings. The royal elegance of sapphire earrings is enough to change your entire look and you feel more convinced and blissful while wearing them.

We all know that sapphire is the gem of heaven which symbolizes loyalty, truth and sincerity. It draws protection and prophetic wisdom to its wearer. Sapphires are the second hardest gem on earth with a spectrum of colors including blue, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple and white. Its characteristic hardness and attractive brilliance make it a desirable gem for jewelry.

Cut it in any shape, set in any style and it never let your ideas go in vain. Sapphire earrings come in different types and settings with as many variations as you can imagine. Whether you like simple studs or dazzling dangles and even charming chandeliers, a range of designs can be seen in each type.

Sapphire studs set in prongs like four prong setting for square sapphire or two prongs with V-prong for heart shaped sapphire are the most desired sapphire prong settings. Bezel set earrings and cluster earrings are also equally liked by woman of all ages. For a combination of gems you can even choose sapphire centered diamond halo studs. This style was once the favorite of Princess Diana who used to wear them almost every day.

Bold sapphire dangles and chandeliers are other type of sapphire earrings liked by many ladies including celebrities. Sapphire and diamond make a lovely and romantic combination. Big sapphire in the center of the earring encircled by diamonds makes a subtle piece of jewelry that brings out a softer feminine side of you.

Sapphire earrings go great with every face type. For round face sapphire drops and angular studs are pretty perfect. Those having oval face shape can sapphire earrings with any type and style but square face people should prefer sapphire hoops with round and angular edge as it will help in softening the square face. Similarly, pyramid style sapphire earrings are best for heart shaped face and straight lines and curves combination will suit diamond face.

Sapphire earrings effortlessly bring out the charm, grace and sophistication and very pleasingly define the fashion statement. Simple and classic studs, cluster earrings, hoops, sleek dangles, shoulder hugging chandeliers, bold dangling, teardrops etc; the choices are unending. But it is sure that every pair of sapphire earrings lends an imperial magnetism to the personality. With sapphire earrings you can be highly classic, refined and straight or chic, funky and trendy!

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