Powers and Properties of Sapphires

The majestically beautiful sapphire gems are seriously one of the wonders of the nature. The various colors of the stone and their dazzling beauty allure the hearts of the onlookers and this gem is extensively used in the jewelry industry.

But, this fantastic gemstone isn’t only known for its bewitching beauty, but also for its said powers and properties. Let us read about some of them in detail:

1) In ancient times it was believed that if the blue sapphire is worn as a talisman, it will protect the wearer against evil spirits and harm.

2) In ancient India, it was thought that blue sapphire can help as a remedy against snake poison.

3) Blue sapphires are also said to open up the crown chakra and create a clean path for the kundalini energy to move.

4) The yellow sapphire is said to remove pain and poverty and bestow prosperity on the wearer.

5) The Padparadscha sapphire is believed to aid the solar plexus chakra and help the healers.

6) The green colored sapphire is said to activate and balance heart chakra.

7) In olden times, blue sapphire was carried by the soldiers in war as they thought it can protect them from harm and injury.

8) The people, who do meditation, believe that the sapphire stones help in clearly receiving the heavenly messages.

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