Most Famous Sapphires of the World

Sapphires have long been collected and cherished by Royals and celebrities. There are some specific pieces of sapphire which continue to cast their spell on us till date. Their magnificent charisma and glamour captivate and allure our hearts and we are in euphoria every time we read about them.

Let’s read about some of those fascinating sapphires, which sprinkle their glamour even today:

Hill’s Kashmir Pendant:
James J. Hill 22.66 Kashmir Sapphire Pendant A perfect example of renowned Kashmir sapphire with velvety blue color, this sapphire weighs 22.66 carat and was owned by James J. Hill in the late 19th century.

Star of India:

Star of India 563.35 carats Biggest Sapphire
It is definitely one of the biggest sapphires of the world weighing massive 563.35 carats. In 20th century, J.P Morgan donated it to the American Museum of Natural History. The most interesting thing is, in 1964, it was said to be stolen from the museum and later it turned up in a Miami locker.

Logan Blue Sapphire:

World Famous Logan Blue Sapphire
It was originated in Sri Lanka and is second largest sapphire in the world. The gemstone is named after Mrs. John A. Logan, after she donated it to Smithsonian Institute. It has no internal flaws and weighs 422.99 carats.

Rockefeller Sapphire:

62.2 carat  World Famous Rockefeller Sapphire
John. D. Rockefeller Jr., the only heir of the Rockefeller family, owned this sapphire. It is internally flawless and has deep cornflower blue color. This 62.2 carat gemstone is said to have acquired from Indian Maharaja Mir Osman Ali Khan, last Nizam of Hyderabad in 1934.

Lady Diana Engagement Ring:

World Famous Sapphire- Lady Diana Sapphire Engagement Ring
It will be unfair to talk about sapphires and leave hers. She wore a beautiful blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. It was bought from Garrards. This made sapphire e-rings quite popular and later her son, Prince Williams presented same ring to his fiancée, Kate Middleton.

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