Let’s Know Sizzling Sapphires

The sapphire gemstone belongs to the corundum group; the members of this group are known for their excellent hardness – 9 on the Mohs scale. It is interesting to know that their hardness is only superseded by that of the diamonds’. Small amounts of minerals such as titanium, chromium, iron, copper and/or magnesium can give corundum purple, orange, blue, yellow, and/or green color.

September Birthstone Sapphire Jewelry

Historical and Latest Sources
Main sources of Sapphire are the basaltic lava rocks and river sands and gravels of Burma, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, and Pailin in Cambodia. Other sources of loose sapphire are Australia, Brazil, Kashmir, Kenya, and Montana (USA). There is a new and important source of gem quality sapphires in the market – Madagascar, where sapphires were first noticed in 1991. Its blue sapphires are similar in appearance, quality, and material to those from Sri Lanka.

Powers and Properties
The ancient Persians called it as ‘Gem of Heaven’ and believed that Sapphires were chips from the pedestal that supported the earth, and that its reflections gave the sky its colors. The guardians of innocence, Sapphires symbolize truth, sincerity and faithfulness, and are thought to bring peace, joy and wisdom to their owners. In ancient times it was believed that when the wearer of a Sapphire faced challenging obstacles, the gem’s power enabled them to find the correct solution. It was also believed that a Sapphire immersed in water formed an elixir that could cure the bite of scorpions and snakes.

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