Lady Diana’s Sapphire Choker

Diana Sapphire Jewelry Lady Diana, a fashionista forever, had made Sapphire as her signature gem. She was seen wearing sapphire jewelry from top to bottom. She chose the deep blue color of sapphire to adorn her jewelry. Some of the famous sapphire jewelry that she wore were sapphire and pearl choker, sapphire engagement ring and her sapphire earrings!

Here, we will discuss about her most iconic sapphire jewelry, “The Pearl and Sapphire choker”. This piece was one of her favorite and she often wore it for many important events.Lady Diana Pearl and Sapphire Choker

The story behind this choker is very interesting. It was gifted to her by the Queen Mother at the time of her wedding with Prince Charles. Lady Diana used it as it was for some time and then got it remodeled into a beautiful choker having seven strands of pearls. She was so fond of her that she wore it many times in her lifetime. Some of the major events where she wore it were-

· She wore it on the White House evening and danced with John Travolta in November of 1985.

· She wore it with her “look at me” dress to the Serpentine gallery. The dress was designed by Christina Stambolian.

· The choker was also worn at New York for a Gala event at the Lincoln Centre in June of 1995.

· Diana wore the necklace in New York again in 1996 at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala.

Though this choker is not worn by anyone else after Diana’s death, we can expect Kate to wear this, as she is wearing Diana’s engagement ring very gracefully! code: S99PCS5YTBSR

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