Facts to Know About Black Friday

Shop until you drop! Shop More, Save More!

If you are receiving mails showing such lucrative messages, it means the biggest shopping days are here. You should start planning for upcoming Black Friday. As one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Friday after Thanksgiving attracts most shoppers then any day of the year.

While you wait for true sale events, why not to look back and find out the lesser-known facts about Black Friday.

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Origin of Black Friday

Like Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday also has American origin and it has nothing to do with slave trading. Black Friday is purely a commercial event that officially marks the kickoff of holiday season shopping. In old times when accounting records were hand written, businesses use red and black ink to mark respectively loss and profit. The term ‘Black Friday’ was coined in 1960s, considering the fact that stores receive maximum number of sales just the day after Thanksgiving and no longer required red ink for accounting.

Another story explaining ‘Black Friday’ origin is related to Philadelphia. In 1960s, Philadelphia police noticed Friday followed by Thanksgiving has more congested streets than anytime of the year. The atmosphere was almost black due to fog emission from Motors struck in traffic jam as huge crowd was out for holiday shopping, calling it ‘Black Friday‘.

No Slave Trading

If you have heard the story that this big shopping event is named so because slave traders offer slaves to plantation owners at huge discounts, then forget it now. It is just a story with no proven records. In fact, ‘Black Friday’ started many years after the slavery was completely banished in America.

Black Friday Popularity

You will be amazed to know Friday after Thanksgiving records second highest number of diseased people even though the stores were half empty. Who wants to work just after a day full of fun and feast, when you can take a work off and spend some time making most out of year’s biggest shopping moments. At least, that was what Americans were doing. Most talking off from work on Friday to enjoy long weekend with shopping.


Understanding the consumer psychology, retailers offered fabulous discounts (even better than those last minute Christmas sales) to attract more buyers.

Black Friday Online Shopping

Today, Black Friday is so popular that it has spread on internet as well. Stores are using different marketing methods such as emailers, online coupon codes and other things to help consumers find the best deals without rush.

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Now, you have online Black Friday offers with doorbuster and early bird deals. Even online stores give amazing discounts before Cyber Monday. If you don’t want to wait outside in the early morning chill, shopping online is a good option. Since, most coveted items at brick-and-mortar stores sell quickly, chances are that you may not find the desired thing even after a long wait. However, you will instantly find if it is out of stock when searching online and look for other options without wasting time in travelling.

More informed and equipped – now that you are prepared to bring the best out of Black Friday, kick start your planning for shopping.

Do share your planning tips and ideas with us. We love to know more ways to fill our stocks from best deals of the year.

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