How to identify real or fake sapphire jewelry

We are all fascinated with something that is a gift of nature especially if it is something that comes to us from the pit of the earth as form of a rough mass which is soon transformed into something magnificent and utterly beautiful. Yes I am talking about natural colored gemstones that are indeed a rare and precious gift of nature that we have treasured and loved for centuries. Ever since they were first discovered these natural beauties adorned with their bright and vivid colors have stolen our hearts and made a permanent place there.

One such gorgeous stone is the sapphire which is so abundantly rich in beauty and color that it has remained till date one of the most well loved and sought after stones ever. No matter what form they take we absolutely adore these sparkling gems. Being rare and magnificent these stones are also steeply priced and are therefore not for the masses for only a few can afford to pay so dearly for these stunning stones. However in recent times to increase the reach of this stone to many more individuals a lot of artificially and synthetically treated counterparts are being created that are given a similar look but are priced much lesser than the natural variety. Real Sapphire One good thing here is that more and more people can now wear these lovely stones in any form they wish. However there are some for whom nothing less than the best will do and these replicas are a definite no. They cherish the natural ones that in spite of being flawed are for them nature’s present that must be valued. We all know that those stones that are authentic also come with their fair share of flaws and inclusions but many a times instead of impairing the beauty of these stones they add a definite character to them. The artificially created ones look absolutely perfect to the naked eye and you will rarely find any imperfections in the stone as they are created under strict and monitored conditions and the effect is visible on the stones.

If you happen to be a connoisseur of gems you will know right away whether the gem you are looking at is a fake one or a real beauty but for those who are not equipped with the expertise to tell the difference, I am going to let you know how exactly you can find this truth. The simplest way would be to consult a professional jeweler who can immediately tell you right from wrong. You can even do it yourself by looking carefully for tiny bubbles inside the stone. If you find them you can be sure it is not the real one but a glass piece.

Also this is one gem that is extremely hard and if you check with a jewelers file you will immediately know if it is real or fake. Another interesting way is to look closely and if you see a nearly perfect stone always know it is not a real one for natural sapphires are invariably included and some traces of imperfections will be there on the stone. Now that you know how to differentiate you will never be fooled into buying an inferior quality replica for a high price.

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