Colors of the Sapphire

Colored Sapphire Jewelry CollectionThe enticing gem sapphire has ruled the hearts of people since ancient time and unlike the old times, now-a-days the other colored sapphires are much in demand and not just the blue sapphires.

Let us read about the various colors of this gemstone and the facts and legends associated with them.

1) Blue: The royal blue hue of this gem displays the heavenly beauty. So many celebrities and Royal ladies have time and again flaunted their love for this stone. It looks fascinating when studded in jewelry and people believe that it helps in the ailments related to the nervous system. In olden days it was also considered a good remedy for the snake bite.

2) Pink: Soft and romantic, this color has been long associated with love. This is the reason why the sapphire engagement rings are becoming popular in this hue. It is believed that this gemstone can transform the negative feelings to the positive ones of joy, happiness and peace.

Yellow Sapphire3) Yellow: Tremendously beautiful and lustrous, this color of sapphire is extensively used in jewelry. It is known for its mystical powers to help one get better financial status.

4) The lotus colored sapphire, known as Padparadscha is pink-orange colored. It is believed to open up the solar plexus chakra and helps the ones who are healers.

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