About Pave Setting and their sapphire jewelry

There is so much that goes into making jewelry that is beautiful and attractive. It is not just the design, style and craftsmanship that defines the fine pieces it is also the metal and most importantly the setting. In fact each piece gets its own distinction and edge with a varied combination of all elements.

The setting invariably plays a major role in deciding the look of a piece and there are so many variations in this again which is of course to our benefit as each leaves its own distinct imprint on a piece. One setting that is indeed beautiful is the pave which has such a lavish and ornate appeal that is hard to resist.

In this particular variety, the stones and metals are united in a magnificent manner that lends a detailed and stunning beauty. The stones mostly diamonds and colored gems are woven intricately with tiny metal beads to give a seamless and continuous array that is exceptional in every possible way. Derived from the French word meaning pavement, this setting actually resembles a dazzling pathway set with stones and metal.

Usually small sized stones are used and woven with metal beads of identical proportions giving a continuous feel. The obvious impression is not that of the metal but of a uniform inlay of stones with no gaps or intermissions. To hold each of these tiny gems in place the small metal beads work wonders and create a look that is definitely attractive and much sought after.

pavesetting In most cases a single large stone is lined up with this framework to give an opulent and luxurious look to the piece. When the stone is a sapphire the beauty and magnificence of the piece multiplies and the effect is simply breathtaking. After all the most coveted and gorgeous stone deserves such fine company that comes out brilliantly in form of this setting. No matter what form of jewelry it is whether rings, earrings or pendants, the effect is something that is awe inspiring.

When the stunning sapphire is surrounded in a setting so exceptional the piece is invariably something to be coveted. Whether it is a ring that is dominated by a prominent sized solitaire center stone with a band boasting this finely intricate work with diamond accents or a band that has both the colored gem and the dazzling dots forming a creation that is to be reckoned with, the startling beauty of this setting takes anyone by surprise by its sheer beauty.

They are equally appealing in earrings and pendants as well and are sure to stand out no matter what form of it you’re wearing especially when the breathtaking sapphires are part of it. So charm everyone around by this heady mix of the finest gems in this setting that is sure to leave behind its mark.

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