5 Unique Sapphire Ensembles

As Sapphire continues to flaunt its mesmerizing radiance, let us present before you few exclusive Sapphire gemstone jewelry articles worth pining for.

Starry Clip


Inspired by the beauty of mesmerizing constellations, this Sapphire ensemble consists of highly polished lustrous metal design embedded with dainty diamonds and few sapphires along with one big brilliant Sapphire.

Flower Basket

Sapphire Flower Basket

This beautifully intricate Gemstone Flower basket consists of dainty yet elegant Sapphires, Ruby, Emeralds as well as brilliant cut diamonds.

Glories of Emperor Augustus


A fine mingling of silver gilt, pearls, rubies, sapphires and sardonyx; this beautiful ensemble depicting Emperor Augustus, adds another feather to his glory.

Starfish Charm


This ensemble of Burmese Sapphire and Copper depicting a starfish serves as a statement Brooch.

Fluttering By


This butterfly inspired brooch ensemble consisting a sapphire, diamond and cultured pearl expresses the feminine charm in the best possible manner. The openwork butterfly set with a cultured pearl and oval-cut sapphire body, with diamond eyes, extending sapphire and old European-cut diamonds and light brown diamonds, mounted in silver and pink gold, stands out when matched with subtle attire.

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