Round Sapphire Martini Earrings

Jewelry is meant to make lasting impressions and while some varieties do this with absolute ease others may not be so adept at sweeping you off your feet at the very first look. Sometimes it is the design, the make, the craftsmanship while at other times it is the sheer splendor of the stones, the metal and the setting. For many of us the stones play a very vital role and we cannot help but be awed by some of them. One such beauty that is universally loved and adored is the sapphire, a reputation earned years back that continues even today. Round Sapphire Earrings
This is one gem that is beautiful beyond words and blessed with so many qualities that we cannot help but be hopelessly in love with them. So when they form a part of a simple but stylish pair of studs we not only find them stunning but also can’t wait to own them. One thing is for certain this will be the perfect choice of jewelry no matter what you wear for the intense blue color of these stones set simply but elegantly definitely make an impact.

Not to mention the martini setting which in this case lends a whole new look to the pair not to mention the distinct and stylish appeal. The white gold setting of course is ideal, complementing the stones beautifully. In a nutshell this is a must have in your jewelry collection.

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