Pear Sapphire and Diamond Dangling Earrings

Pear Sapphire and diamond Dangling Earrings A pair of earrings is not the love of women without reason because when they frame your face in the most fascinating fashion and make you look pretty you can’t help but adore them and that is exactly the way you’re going to feel when you see these charming sapphire and diamond dangling earrings. This is one pair that has it all and each of the fine features combine to make this great pair that you will love to flaunt.

Set with one of the most beautiful of all gems, the sapphire here is in a pear shape that lends a novel and unique beauty to the pair. The vivid color of the stunning stone is wonderfully displayed in this slightly elongated shape and keeping company are some sparkling diamonds that lend their light and shimmer and the total effect is something out of the world. The white gold setting is a good choice of metal for it complements the stones and design very well. Blue Sapphire Stone Quality While you enjoy all kinds of styles in earrings you cannot help but feel hopelessly attracted to these danglers for they look dressy and perfect for an occasion that asks for something special. One thing is for certain you must reserve this splendid pair for the times when you want to look your very best because that’s what they do, look absolutely fabulous.

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