More Women Buying Luxury Jewelry

Who wears jewelry? We all have clear and straight answer to it. But who buys jewelry? This is a tricky question. For a long time jewelry has been a traditional gift for women. We often hear or read tips and ideas saying ‘how to buy ring for your lady’ or ‘best gifts to please your girl’. It is clear that a large number of jewelry buyers are male who like to get a special piece for their woman.

However, a recent indicator shows that most women have given up waiting for a remarkable jewelry gift. In fact, they are treating themselves to pricey jewelry because they can do so.

One of the recent surveys of 2,000 women buyers by Mintel showed that half of the women surveyed purchased jewelry to treat themselves. They are well-heeled professionals aged 45 or more, with an income of more than 90,000 who like to celebrate divorce, promotion or any special moment, or want to investment. It is clear that the mindsets have changed. Jewelry is still treated as best gift option but women don’t need to drop hints to get her favorite piece. They simply buy it.

Another surprising fact of the survey was that more women were appearing at auctions (which have a strong hold of male traders) to buy jewelry. At Bonham’s, the auction house auction at Knightsbridge, London, half of the buyers were women. Hong Kong Jewelry Auction that recorded as the most valuable auction held in Asia also recorded 41% women bidders.

More people see auctions as a good way to buy vintage, one-off jewelry and we have seen a big increase in female buyers who are buying jewelry for themselves.” says Jean Ghika, head of Bonham’s jewelry team for Europe. She also explained that major numbers of female buyers are successful professionals who like to treat themselves. Moreover, they are not at all frightened with auctions.

Maria Clarke, one of the female buyers at Bonham’s often purchase engagement rings for people, luxury watches for her family and pieces to enhance her Faberge jewelry collection. She says it’s a chase to find unique pieces and it is not at all frightening. Everything is by the law and comes with a guarantee.

These facts and figures will definitely interest makers of luxury jewelry as well as women who fear to experience costly jewelry buying.

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