Padparadscha – A Rarity among Sapphire

Sapphires are often thought as synonymous with the color blue. However, they do come in an exotic range of colors including green, orange, pink, purple and even black.

Of all these fancy (colored) sapphires, one of the rarest and most prized is known as ‘Padparadscha’. The name of these sapphires is symbolic of a blooming lotus flower. These gemstones are celebrated for their beautiful and vibrant pinkish orange color and are very often given heat treatment to enhance their appearance. This variety of sapphires was primarily mined in Sri Lanka, but now new deposits have been found in Vietnam and Africa.

Given their unique hue and rarity, these pink – orange sapphires command great value, even more than the blue sapphires. Sapphires come from the same family of stones as Rubies, Corundum And, it is believed that except ruby,

is the only other member from the Corundum family that are not referred to as colored sapphires, but have been given a separate name.

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