How to Buy Sapphires Online?

Buying jewelry online has gained much popularity in recent times. However, when buying online one does not obviously have the luxury of taking the product in hand or to look at them in reality. One has to decide by the picture that is shown online, and so a little basic knowledge about the gems always come handy.

In this particular case of sapphires and also most of the gemstones, they are judged upon these four characteristics. These four characteristics are – Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

1. Color – Color might be referred to as the most important factor that determines the quality of a gemstone. Color perhaps is also the reason why one chooses one gemstone over other. Sapphires offer the most intense blue hue that one could find. The color of a gemstone should neither be too light nor too dark, it should be vivid.

2. Clarity – Clarity consists of two attributes, inclusions and blemishes. Lesser is the presence of these better is the quality of sapphires. Inclusions are the impurities inside the crystal and blemishes are the irregularities on its surface. Although blemishes can be reduced to nil, but the same cannot be said for inclusions. How less is the presence of inclusions, better is the clarity of the stone and hence the quality.

3. Cut – Cut not only refers to the shape of the gemstone but also its make. If a gemstone is well cut, it can beautifully accentuate gemstone’s color, clarity, fire and brilliance. These days there are many cuts that one could choose from, and each cut adds a different personality to the gem.

4. Carat – Carat is the unit of measurement of a gemstone’s weight. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.20 grams. Bigger gems are much rarer than smaller ones and hence the price. A larger sapphire would cost much more than a number of small sapphires whose total weight equals the larger one.

Together these four characteristics are popularly known as the 4C’s. These 4C’s help in determining the 5th C, that is their Cost. Although one could prefer one characteristic more over other. However, it is always advised to try and look for a right combination of these four.

Sapphires are truly unique gemstones and whatever you may buy sapphire rings, pendants or earrings; you can be sure they shall never go out of fashion.


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How to Buy Sapphires Online?


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