Colored Gemstone Jewelry Gift for Thanksgiving

You never need a reason to give jewelry gift to a woman. However, Thanksgiving Day is perfect time to make her feel special while you honor her for being there with you in good and bad times of life. If you think, she has plenty of baubles, think again. Even better – get her favorite gemstone ring or a luxury bracelet and you will be surprised to find a plenty of space in her collection for the new arrivals.

It is a gift for her and no one except her and you could better explain what is perfect. But there are few things that remain classic and loved by every woman. Here is a list of few of such classic that will surely astound her.

Tanzanite and Diamond Ring

Tapered Shank Tanzanite Solitaire Ring With Diamond Accents
Do you know tanzanite is 1000 times rare than diamonds, and the deposits are extremely limited. Tanzanite is considered as most important gemstone discovery of 20th century. All these reasons along with the vibrant hues of tanzanite and exquisite artistry make this ring a celebrity worthy addition.

Pink Tourmaline Necklace

Pink Tourmaline Necklace

Whether she likes trendy jewelry or have a special affinity for all things spectacular, this lariat style necklace with stationed pink tourmaline will be her instant favorite. This timeless piece is lovely to match with any outfit in her wardrobe.

Blue Topaz Interchangeable Earrings

What is most interesting about these earrings after the vibrant pear blue topaz is that she can change the gemstone studs with other options. The stone part is detachable – much like we often see in royal brooches and other jewelry. She may wear the metal earring or can include a dangler of her choice to jazz up the look. Now that is called smart jewelry.

Blue Topaz Interchangeable Earring
Interlinked Bracelet

shiny intertwined open circle bracelet

Sleek and smart, this open circle link bracelet is perfect for day in and day out. She can wear this handcrafted arm candy all alone for an elegant office look or stack with other bracelet and bangles for a beach party fun.

Multi-Stone Ring

Multi-Stone Ring

Fresh and juicy, this lovely ring has an amethyst, a diamond and a pink sapphire, making this ring an instant hit amongst the party crowd. Whether is loves classic things or want to zest up her style with an ultra-modern accessory; this glamorous ring is just what she dreams.

Handpicked gemstones perfectly nestled in precious metal makes these handcrafted pieces more desirable. You may choose one or two of them for a brilliant surprise. We are sure, she will cherish this Thanksgiving for rest of her life. Which is your favorite pieces?

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