5 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

When it is about some interesting Thanksgiving facts, the answers are generally allied with it being a national holiday or the turkey day or a day to express thanks for the harvest and the passing year. Well, there is much more to Thanksgiving than just turkey and celebrations. Check out these 5 interesting facts about Thanksgiving and flaunt your high-brow self this holiday!

Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

  1. Responsibility of making Thanksgiving a national holiday goes to…
    It is none other than the author of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ – Sarah Josepha Hale. Surprising enough, it took her almost 20 years to make Thanksgiving a holiday that it is today. Her campaign went across 5 President and it was Abraham Lincoln who ensured its successful culmination by declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday on 3rd October 1863.
  2. It all started with a 3 days’ feast!
    The first Thanksgiving celebration lasted for 3 days. This harvest feast was held in 1621 and it was not turkeys but deer that were served to the Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe. Venison, corn and shellfish were other dishes that made up their feast.
  3. Let’s Talk Numbers
    Turkey is the bird of Thanksgiving and is relished by approximately 88% of Americans as per National Turkey Federation. We are assuming the rest 12% go for either Tofurky or Turducken.  Further, it is also estimated that about 46 million turkeys are feasted upon on Thanksgiving. It is a huge number as it is much more than the turkeys eaten on Christmas and Easter combined.
  4. A date change?
    American President Franklin D. Roosevelt apparently changed the date of Thanksgiving in the year 1939, 1940 and 1941. He changed it from last Thursday of November to second to last Thursday of November to encourage more Christmas shopping and in turn an economic boost. Some states agreed to it and some continued the old tradition, so ultimately the Congressmen stepped in and as a compromise finally changed it to the fourth Thursday of November (as it is last at times and sometimes second to last).
  5. The President pardoning Turkey
    The Thanksgiving tradition of the President pardoning the turkey was officially started by George W. Bush in 1989. These pardoned turkeys serve as grand marshals of Disneyland’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Tell us your favorite facts about Thanksgiving. Was there something that must be added in this list? We will love to know some exciting and fun facts about this holiday. Also, do share your Thanksgiving plans with us in the comment section below.

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