Home Décor Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is much more than just getting all decked up in scary garbs and accessories. The real fun of this holiday comes when you give a spooky vibe to your home, as well. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enliven the spirit of All Hallows’ Eve. You can take a cue from these gripping home décor ideas and make this Halloween an interesting and rejoicing night.

•    Enter at your own risk
The First and foremost part to decorate in a home is your entry way. And, it has to be extremely impactful. I have zeroed upon these two ideas that can be a perfect start for creating a scary aura.

DIY Illuminated Pumpkin

These illuminating and creepy pumpkins will surely make for an intriguing gateway.  Easy to create, you just need some foam pumpkins and PVC pipes if you want this kind of entry this Halloween.

Another concept is a headless horseman greeter if you want to greet (or scare) your guests and trick or treaters with something uncanny. You can also put a sign directing them to the festivity corner of your home.

Home Décor Ideas for Halloween - Headless Horseman Door Greeter

•    Floating Witch Hats
Bedeck your entire living area with floating Witch hats and design them with LED light sticks. These hats can be made at home and are not as complicated as it seems. All you need is some Witch hats, needles, LED lights, safety pins, fishing lines and outdoor command hooks.

Home Décor Ideas for Halloween - Floating Witch Hats

•    Paint Your Stairs
Transforming boring stairs with some cool paintings can enhance the Halloween feel of your home. You can put some crawly phrases and even paint few creepy faces on your stairs.


•    A welcome doormat
You can even put a Halloween-y spin to your doormats.  A dead-witch door mat will indeed be a shocking welcome for your guests. Take some striped stockings, stuff them with cotton and glue them up on your doormat and get set to send your guests in panic mode!

Home Décor Ideas for Halloween - Dead Witch Doormat

So, which of these are you planning to incorporate in your décor this Halloween? Do you have something else in mind, as well? Share your ideas with us in the comment section below.

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