Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings

The pink color has long been the symbol of romance and love. The love soaked feelings are well expressed with the usage of a bunch of pink flowers and likewise the other gifts in pink color are welcomed as well. When it comes to the jewelry, what else can exhibit this color the best than the pink sapphire gemstone?

pink sapphire engagement rings

Though it is widely used in creating designer rings, earrings, pendant necklaces and other such pieces of jewelry, yet the charm of popping up the special question with the pink sapphire engagement ring remains the same. Let’s check out the beauty of three exclusively designed pink sapphire rings.

1) Three Stone Ring:

‘I loved you in the past, love you presently and shall love you in the future. My love for you is eternal and timeless.’ This is the love soaked message that this ring speaks. It has three stones studded to it which symbolise the past, present and the future. People associate it with their bond of love and hence it has become one of the most sought after engagement rings.

2) Love Knot Ring:

The bond of love is symbolized by the knots and this ring features two knots. One of them of encrusted with rubies and the other with the sparkling diamonds. The designer of the ring has made a clever use of the dazzling diamonds to break the monopoly of the pink hue.

3) Butterfly Ring:

For all those ladies who find their heart close to the Mother Nature, this ring will serve them the best. The design concept of the glistening ring has been inspired by the beauty of the butterfly. The usage of four marquise pink sapphires, four marquise aquamarines and eighteen round dazzling diamonds make this ring a dream ring for the nature lovers.

All the above mentioned rings can be personalized according to your taste and budget. You can get them custom made and the ring of your choice will be ready to adorn your beloved.

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