How to Propose On New Year’s Eve?

You’re excited and there’s reason enough for it. On one hand you are all enthused about the new year and are looking forward to all that it brings and on the other just before ushering it in you have something really fantastic planned. So you’ve finally decided to pop the big question to her and New Years Eve seems like the perfect occasion for it. You’re undoubtedly feeling everything all at once; jittery and gleeful and why not; it’s not every day that you propose.

Best proposal for this new Years

Plan a beautiful evening and make it like a dream come true for her. Spring little surprises all along and let it build up till the final moment when you actually propose. First things first so decide the venue. You can opt for someplace quiet and intimate or one that’s totally extravagant if you want to do it king size. Even better is a romantic evening at home with just the two of you. Bring along a bunch of her favorite flowers along. You can even throw in some chocolates that she loves.

Mind you it’s all for her so impress in every possible way. A nice bottle of wine will set in the mood no matter the venue. In the midst of all the planning don’t forget the most important thing, the engagement ring. In fact if you haven’t still bought it go right ahead and do so for time is running and you want nothing but the very best for her. Remember this is going to be a very special piece of jewelry so it had better be something she will love. Get to know her preference in jewelry so that you can get something akin.

New Years Proposal Engagement Rings

If diamonds are her best friend then so be it, but be prepared for the whooping price tag that’ll come along. It definitely will be worth every dollar you spend when you see her face break into that smile you love so much. A gemstone engagement ring is an equally great idea. You can pick one in a gemstone she loves whether sapphire, ruby or emerald. The best bet would be a combination of gemstones and diamonds and you will find some amazing styles and designs in this category.

Make sure you keep the ring for the last. Quietly slip it on her finger at the stroke of midnight or opt for the age old trick of placing it in her drink. Celebrate your New Years Eve in a way you both will remember forever.

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