Yet Another Reality TV Couple Calls Off Engagement

Autumn may be a season for couples to tie the knot but this time it seems that fall is the time when reality TV couples are calling off their engagements. The latest couple to join the league is Bachelor Pad 3 couple Tony Pieper and Blakeley Jones. They have announced their split only after getting engaged less than two months ago. So, one more diamond engagement ring will be returned to the maker.

Tony Pieper and Blakeley Jones

Relationships that have blossomed on television seemed to have a short life. The recent incidents have shown that though the expensive engagement rings can play the bait that lure the contestants as they fight to be the winner be it the Bachelor, the bachelorette or the Bachelor Pad. However, as the competition is over they all realize now sans the media attention probably it is not what they really wanted.

Blakeley Jones Engagement RingPrincess and Round Diamond Engagement Ring With Matching Wedding Band

This seems to be the most probable reason why one after the other all these couples have decided to call it quits even before going to the altar. Coming back to the news, this estranged couple met while the filming of Bachelor Pad 3. However, Jones had appeared on The Bachelor, and Pieper was a contestant on The Bachelorette. Like all such reality shows we had Pieper getting down on one knee with a magnificent engagement ring in the finale. We the audiences are happy that finally it is a fairy tale ending but its all fake just like any other soaps on TV.

Soon these couples are back in the news claiming this didn’t work out the way they wanted it to, so now they are breaking up. Same was the case with this couple, Pieper informs that soon after the finale, Jones moved to his hometown of Portland, and that’s when the trouble began.

Blakeley Jones Moved to His Hometown of Portland

Blakeley had to start over a new life and there were so many stresses and they were not as happy as they had assumed at the onset of their relationship so they decided to break up. What do you think of these broken engagements and the exquisite rings. We would suggest that these should go for sapphire engagement rings. Sapphire gemstone improves faithfulness and it is seen as a symbol of true love so probably this gem probably will make these relations last longer.

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