Red Carpet Closet: The ‘Blue’ Fusion

Artist and author, Moncy Barbour, once well said, “Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time.” Initiating a new project calls for color selection as the very first step for designers and artists. Since colors are symbolic of physical, emotional, and psychological attributes in human race, they need to be chosen wisely. Colors govern the fashion world in almost all aspects.


Surprisingly, not only clothing, but jewelry and accessories are also synonymous with chromaticity. With gemstones ruling the jewelry industry, red carpet arrivals have become interestingly colorful. Last few years have witnessed countless and stunning variations in gemstone sparklers on all red carpet events, Fashion Week runways, before and after parties, and other yearly occasions.


As February and March months talk a lot about fashion weeks and award ceremonies, we are delved into cool and heavenly shades of blue. One of the top color trends in London, Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks 2015 embraced youthful tints of blue such as azure, icy, coral, aqua, cobalt, royal, and twilight blue. Likewise, some red carpet ‘blue episodes’ from past have deep-seated in our minds and hearts, which involved graceful blue gemstone jewelry. Rather than Red Carpet, they can be remarked as ‘The Blue Carpet’ appearances.

Lets us recollect the best fusion of blue stones as carried by starlets at recent award functions.


Cate Blanchett: Your eyes and minds still have it. Her image lies in our latest memory as it was the red carpet of Oscars 2015 that welcomed Cate Blancett in a gorgeous and massive blue necklace. She made a huge statement with the combination of turquoise, aquamarines and diamonds around her neck.


Jane Krakowski: Though 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards was a veritable explosion of fine gemstone sparklers, Jane displayed a one-of-a-kind combination of blue crystals via her turquoise ear drops. We could notice few accents of sapphires in that pair.


Taylor Swift: Rocking as ever, her choice of earrings received enormous appreciation from the audience at People’s Choice Awards 2013. She looked super chic in whole white gown accessorized with a pair of turquoise and blue sapphire danglers.

Kristen Bell: Arrived on the red carpet of Golden Globes 2010 in a strapless white satin dress and a delicate necklace consisting of petite sapphires and aquamarines. Kristen was the bluey white angel of the night and unrolled the calmness of sea.


Do you like gemstone fusions? Share with us some other dazzling fusions in jewelry if you have spotted any.

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