Prince George’s Day Out

British Royals have always allured our hearts and their every public appearance, gesture; dressing and jewelry have captured our attention. We’ve always looked forward to seeing them in public and every such event have casted an electrifying effect on the crowd.

Even if they have maintained to keep their outing strictly private, still the pictures leave us awe struck. One of such moments came when recently our beloved Kate Middleton went out with her first born child Prince George. The Royal baby was born 20 months ago and he will soon be accompanied with his little brother or sister as Kate is expecting her second baby by the end of April.

Royal baby Prince George

The mom-baby duo went out to spend some quality time with each other before they have another family member. They both were elegantly dressed and complimented and complemented each other very well. While Kate was in white-blue lined top and dark blue jeans, Prince George wore a white and pink outfit. Kate’s hair was open and flowed down; she wore sunglasses on her head and a pair of flat footwear; her sapphire engagement ring was the main attraction, as always. She looked sophisticated and decent, while our little prince looked way too cute.


His adorable child like activities were well captured by the photographer as they both spent their time in London’s Science Museum. Their visit was kept very private and the place was closed for public till the Royal members were there. They both were very happy and enjoyed the day out.

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