Naomi Watts plays Princess Diana with some exquisite sapphire Jewelry

We all know that the sapphire diamond engagement ring that currently adorns the finger of Kate Middleton was initially chosen by Princess of Wales for her engagement. Prince William chose the same ring to propose to his would-be-wife because he wanted his mother to a part of his happiness.

Kate Middleton and Dina's Sapphire engagement ring

Even after her death in 1997 in a car-crash, Princess Diana continues to live in hearts of many people across the globe. A biopic ‘Diana’ is in the making currently on this iconic lady and Naomi Watts is playing the part of Princess of Wales. As we all know for Diana’s love for jewels Naomi Watts has also donned eye-catching pieces in the film.

Naomi Watts wear Diamond necklace and Sapphire earrings

Some of these legendary jewels include the pearl earrings, white diamond necklace and sapphire earrings that match the princess’s famous engagement ring, now worn by her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Princess Diana was known around the globe for her magnificent fashion sense, and we are looking forward to seeing this reflected in the film which is expected to hit the theaters later this year.

Dina's jewelry inspired in this film

We are sure Princess Diana would have been as stylish today as she was when she lived as Britain’s graceful, adored princess , recently she was remember on July 1 her 52nd birthday. If we look at the various jewels we can say that she just loved sapphires because besides the diamond and sapphire engagement ring she also had a matching earrings, bracelet and choker necklace. She also had fair share of pearl, diamond and emerald jewelry also.

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