Most Influential Women in the USA

Women is the most powerful and humble creation of God. She is strong enough to hold the entire family together and at the same time so week that can’t bear a single scratch on her kids. Her strength doesn’t limits to house, women has proved that they are not just good leaders, they are more capable than men and can stand alone in a male dominating society. You don’t have to stress much if you want to list some influential women around. Certainly, the first on your list must be your mother. But if you are looking for more examples within the USA, here is a compiled list of them. Definitely, these women give International Women’s Day a new meaning and a ray of hope to millions of women to achieve their goal.

Michelle Obama – She is the First Lady of the USA. That is not the only achievement of Michelle Obama. She is a lawyer, a city administrator for Chicago and a community outreach worker apart from being  the wife of Barack Obama, President of US. A social worker, a fashionista, a proud wife and a doting mom – Michelle is certainly a role model for many of the women across the globe. Oh, yes! She is an ardent lover of pearl jewelry (something that keeps her in headlines of paparazzi).

Michelle Obama- Most Influential Women in the USA

Oprah Winfrey – This African –American diva has a history that will make you cry. She has raised herself from poverty and became one of the billionaire in the USA. Oprah owns a TV channel and her talk show ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ is one of the most prestigious shows. In fact, celebrities feel proud being called at her show. News channels like CNN and Time have called her “arguably the most influential women in the world.” She is also a producer, an actor and has intense love for humanity specially for women and children.

Oprah Winfrey most influential women

Hillary Rodham Clinton – A US senator, and a big time popular Candidate for the post of the President of the USA. She was succeeded in being elected US senator from the New York state, making her first woman in the US history to run for (and win) an elected office.

Hillary Rodham Clinton- most influential women

Meg Whitman – She has served as The President and Chief Executive of Hewlett Packard Co. and considered as one of the most dynamic and influential corporate executives in the world.

Meg Whiteman- Most Influential Women in the USA

Melinda Gates – The wife of Bill Gates, the richest man in the world and the co-creator of the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”, Melinda is a highly influential social activist. She has also worked with Microsoft as project manager for one of their projects.

Melinda Gates - Most Influential Women in USA

Eleanor Roosevelt – She was FDR’s helper and a fighter against injustice. The former first lady was also a U.S. delegate to the United Nations, companion to the working and needy women and an ardent human rights activist.

Eleanor Roosevelt - Most Influential Women in the USA

Barbara Walters – When it comes to the influential journalists and writers in America, Barbara Walters is one of the names in the limelight. She has hosted many television shows like Today and The View, News Magzine20/20.

Barbara Walters Most Influential Women in USA

Angelina Jolie – She requires no introduction yet this famous American actor and Oscar winner is  a Refugees Goodwill Ambassador for  UN high Commissioner. She worked at different refugee sites of the UN, and received the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 2013 for her exceptional contribution and support to the refugees in African countries. The ‘Most Beautiful and Sexiest Woman in the World’ is also one of the highest paid female actors from Hollywood.

Angelina Jolie  - Most Influential Women in the USA

JK Rowling – The creator of the most influential magical world, JK Rowling is one of world’s most outstanding and significant novelists. Harry Potter series sold more than 400 million copies around the world. She is also a great contributor to the social organisations for social inequality and poverty around the globe.

JK Rowling Most Influential Women in USA-

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