Salma Hayek’s Sapphire Jewelry

Being a September born, the svelte actress Salma Hayek has always flaunted her love for her birthstone, Sapphires. Born on September 2nd, the Mexican actress has donned some beautiful and exclusive pieces of the September birthstone at various red carpet events. Just like her movies, the Academy Award nominated actress does perfect justice to her role as a September born and no one could do it better than her. We will tell you why.


1. This sapphire and diamond necklace dates back to 1944. Hayek graced the Vanity Fair and Gucci party with this antique Boucheron neck piece.


2. These sapphire and diamond earrings created quite a spur when the actress wore them to the LACMA Film and Art Gala 2012 in L.A. A work of Harry Winston, these drop earrings cost a million dollars!!


3 Another work of Boucheron, this black sapphire and diamond swan ring was worn by the ‘Grown Ups’ actress at the 69th Venice International Film Festival. Sure, she loves her birthstone in every form and shade!


For all those lucky ones born in September, owning a sapphire jewel is a must. Not only it is their birthstone but this gemstone exudes a royal aura and is a symbol of deep love, truth, loyalty, wisdom and power. Do you already have sapphire jewelry? Or do you want one? Share your birthstone stories in the comments below.

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