Kate Middleton’s New Sapphire Set

Recently spotted honoring Britain’s Afghan war heroes with Prince Williams, Queen Elizabeth, and other royal acquaintances, Kate Middleton set a statement with her one-of-a-kind, navy-blue hat. She opted for a perfect lady commander look, paying tribute to the dead soldiers and their heartbroken families.


This momma-to-be has been a fashion icon for young girls of today due to her ever-changing coats, dresses, tulles, and phenomenal hats. Wherever she goes, her royal style follows. Certainly, royal ladies of all times are known for their fashionable and imperial hats. This time too, the style, color and pattern of Duchess’ hat gained immense recognition. It contributed tremendously to come in the ‘Fashion’ section of various magazines and blogs. For that matter, her sparkling blue jewelry allured our attention. It seems that she has received a new set of pendant and earrings from the Prince. Maybe as a push present!

Kate sported a new set of pear-shaped sapphire and diamond lovelies around her neck and ears. Extremely renowned for her engagement stunner, Kate already owns one such sapphire jewelry set matching with her engagement ring. However, this seems a new style and pattern as glittering and timeless as her old ones. These blue stones are said to be tanzanites from many of Kate’s style enthusiasts and followers.


No matter what blue stone it is, the whole set looks phenomenal and stately as her demeanor. Looking forward to receiving some more details on this! Share with us if you know any further about Middleton’s new, precious blue bling set.

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