Jewelry Trends 2014: Top Five Ways to be Fashionable

We have arrived at that time of the year when almost all fashion trends are exposed, to help us take a new look in the months of festivity. Every red carpet arrival brings contemporary and fresh styles to existence. There are always new and creative ways of displaying the glitters of diamonds and gemstones. Jewelry designers seem to be introducing various twists and turns in the already prevailing fads.

Fashionable jewelry trends on 2014 red carpet

Swinging from bold to minimal and floral to basic, 2014 had been the year of jewelry experiments. The fall of some jewels is so captivating that they stay in our minds even after several years.

In the present time, there are no rules to coordinate your outfits. Contrasting colors and stylish jewelry let you make a dapper appearance wherever you go. For instance, a red dress with an accent of gold highlights the graceful facade of a woman. Other contrasts such as white outfit with emerald green earrings, black gown with blue jewelry show off a funky and sophisticated personality of the wearer.

Jewelry Matching with Dresses

It is not always imperative that you need to purchase new jewelry to make a trendsetting appearance. You can go on making a statement with what you already possess in your jewelry box. However, shopping for jewels at least once a year is fun and a good investment indeed. Let’s get to know some of the urbane drifts that you can take up to rock the forthcoming festive events.

1. Stack Rings: Lot many A-list stars had enjoyed a finger party this year. Numerous sleek gold metal rings in one finger and multiple thick gemstone charms in all fingers were the craze of the year.The art of piling rings on rings has become much more unique and modern. And the very distinctive feature about stacked rings is that no two fingers of both hands display an identical semblance. Midi rings give an edgy look when donned at the ends of the fingers. Beyonce Knowles, Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, Emily Maynard, and many gorgeous faces have been playful with their diamond eternity and colorful gemstone rings.

Celebrity Stack Rings Collection

2. Layer by layer: Loading your neckline with gentle, thin chains or pendant necklaces has again been a striking trend this year. You can layer different shapes, sizes, lengths and colors in neck charms to create a chic and jazzy look wearing even the most casual outfits. Just as a chocolate cake pie becomes more tasteful with the addition of a number of layers; layered neck charmers add an extra delight to your candid look, whether attending a party or any music concert.

Layer by layer

Try choosing the best of your necklaces from your jewelry box, and make a super-wow and fine arrangement flaunting every fine detail of each ensemble. You are sure to rock the dance floor of your friend’s Christmas celebration.

3. Go Purple: With the dropping of temperature, darker and bright hues in clothes and accessories are a consolation to watch. 2014 has emphasized on purple color schemes to bling on in the celebration season. Radiant Orchid, being Pantone color of the year, has made room for dark pink sapphire and amethyst jewels among the gemstone stunners.

Go Purple Color

Various shades of purple, from lavender to violet are sensational enough to cast a magic spell on the onlookers. Shop for glittering and trendy purple blings and spruce up even the dullest attire in your wardrobe. Undoubtedly, the shade will prove to be a dazzling companion for your Halloween and New Year bash.

4. Diamond Statement: This year’s runway emerged as an explosion of diamond glints. Dressing neck and ears with white stunners was the fashion faux of 2014. Statement necklaces celebrated loud and proud moments on the red carpet.

Diamond Statement

This is certainly a trend that brings no criticism. You can go as bold as you can with a diamond necklace without the risk of landing into a disaster. To complement a plunging neckline, choose to dazzle like the sensational Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence. Both these starlets amazed the audience with their goddess look and designer diamond neck stunners. Conversely, a neck-seizing outfit of yours can be embellished with a modish, classy statement as donned by Naomi Watts in Oscars 2014.

5. Let them climb up your ears: Continuous obsession for stud earrings has led jewelry realm to stumble upon a tony and ingenious ear accessory, i.e. ear climbers. Just like journey pendants and drop earrings, ear climbers climb up a certain height starting from the ear lobes, thereby sticking to the stud pattern of earrings.

Let them climb up your ears

This jewelry style has made a grand and much-loved appearance among all women in the last two years. You can choose to be modern, classy, elegant, and royal with ear climbers by selecting diverse shapes and arrangements of the stones to be fitted in a piece.

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